How To Prepare For Your Newborn Photography Session

Now that I have booked my Newborn Photography Session. How do I prepare?

A photo is something that stops a moment in time. To help us remember how you felt right at that point in time. Their smell, touch, innocence, and true beauty of being a newborn. From their beautiful eyelashes, squishy lips, and soft wisps of hair, to their tiny hands and feet. In years to come, my images will take you back to the day your newborn was tiny enough to fit in the palms of your hands, and the days where they slept so peacefully on your chest.

Getting those sleepy, curly poses can take some preparation before your session. I will go over some tips and tricks that I recommend to get your sweet baby nice and sleepy before their session!


How To Prepare For Your Newborn Photography Session with Kay Olive Photography

Bathe Baby

The purpose of the bath is not just to clean baby and ensure the fabulous soft fuzzy baby hair, it keeps baby awake and tires them out. If umbilical cord is off give a full bath, otherwise sponge bathe. The key is to linger the bath, draw it out longer than you normally would. You want your baby awake as long as possible, so dilly dally and take your time as to tire them out.

Full Feeding

Give baby an extra feeding before buckling them into the car seat. Tickle feet, change diaper, do everything you can to keep baby awake and ensure a full feeding. Full belly = one sleepy baby!

Tip: Get dressed and packed before feeding baby so it's the last thing you do before heading to the studio! Allow baby to fall asleep in the car on the way to the studio. Once inside the studio, I will unbuckle and remove him/her from their car seat and we will go right to work.

pack & Prep

Dress baby in a zip/button up sleeper. Something a little loose fitting is best so as not to leave lines on their skin and nothing that will need to be pulled over their head.

What I recommend you bring:

  • 1-2 extra feedings than you expect to need
  • Pacifier (while this is not a requirement, it is SUPER helpful even if you never plan to use one! Having it available for the short two hour session can make a session go a lot smoother!)
  • Hair brush for baby if he/she has a lot of hair
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Anything to make you comfy (comfortable shoes or even slippers, nursing pillow, reading material, etc.) I do have snacks and water for you to help yourself to in the studio, but always feel free to bring your own! TV and Wi-Fi are also available.

what to wear

In order to make sure your new baby stays comfortable and sleepy during our session, I keep my studio very warm (about 75° to 80° F). Make sure to wear lightweight clothing and layers you can take off so you can stay comfortable too. We do family portraits towards the end of the session, so feel free to come in something that is comfortable for you, and you can change into your outfits before we begin the portraits.

Color wise, I recommend neutral coordinating colors (whites, greys, browns, blacks, etc.)

There are a few things I always advise against:

  • Logos
  • Graphic tees
  • Busy patterns

I look forward to working together!

Thank you so much for choosing me for your custom newborn portraits. Custom portraiture is truly an investment in beautiful artistry that will be treasured for many generations to come. I am committed to capturing your newborn in a unique, artistic, natural, and safe way. Creating heirlooms that will become your family's history. I am very excited for our session! If you have any questions feel free to reach out any time!

Thank you,



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