For anyone who has looked into having Newborn Photography Session done by a Professional Newborn Photographer, you may be surprised by the cost. Why is it so high, anyway?

I understand everyone has a budget. Everyone has bills and responsibilities. We all do! Also a lot of people have their luxuries- or things they value highly. A lot of the things that are expensive in our lives won't last forever. Some people get a new phone every time the new model comes out, it isn't cheap, but people place value to those things in their lives. If it matters to you, you'll invest in it.

I am not writing this to say hey ignore your budgets. No, not at all. I'm writing this to maybe give you a different perspective. To educate about the importance of Newborn Photography and why we all believe it's a high priority, and maybe help you understand why we believe in the experience and product we give you.

Newborn Photography isn't an outfit you'll outgrow. It isn't a cellphone that will run too slow in a few years. Newborn Photography isn't an accessory that will go out of style, or a car that won't drive in 15 years. Photographs are forever.

Newborn Photography is a way to remember how small your baby's tiny toes were. It is a way to remember the smiles, the nose scrunches, the tears, the hugs, the tiny fingers, the kisses and the bonds. It is a snapshot into your lives at that very moment. The moment's that you can't get back.

I promise you the photos you invest in won't need a new battery and they won't require a tune up. They will exist for many, many years to come.

When your kids have somehow grown taller than you, or started college, or even when they have moved into their own homes and have their own families - these photos will exist. I want you to love your photos and FEEL the memories flood back when you look upon them. When you invest in photography, you invest in memories. You invest in your family's legacy.

Raleigh Newborn Photographer

What goes into your Newborn Photography Session?

Each Newborn Photography Session is exclusively designed around you and your desires! Before your baby is even born, I start planning your shoot. I customize your session so that it is everything YOU want it to be!

I spend around 2 hours setting up for your session. I crank up the heat and I wait in excitement for you to arrive at my Clayton, North Carolina studio with your new precious bundle. When you come for your session, it won't be just a 20 minute photo shoot. Full newborn sessions take up to 3 hours. I have props and setups ready, and I want to be sure that you have a great variety of beautiful poses that you will cherish for a lifetime! For me it is not about quantity, it's all about quality. I patiently work at little details, such as the perfect placement of your baby's tiny fingers. It's those details that set apart your photos from others and make them timeless pieces of art!

I'm often sweaty and exhausted by the end of the session, but even the most challenging sessions have been rewarded with gorgeous photos of that sweet little baby. After the session is over, parents are free to linger as long as they like, as I will be putting everything away and setting things aside to be laundered.

If all that sounds exhausting, this is only the beginning! Now I will spend a couple of hours going through all of those Newborn Photos and finding the VERY Best of them for you! I will work for at least another 20 hours, carefully editing them to perfection.

So when you consider the high cost of Newborn Photography, remember that after I give a third of my payment to Uncle Sam (unfortunately), I will also invest a good portion of that money to buy more exciting props and equipment, as well as paying for studio overhead costs, subscriptions, etc. In the end, I will have invested a portion of that money and 30+ hours of labor into your baby's photos.

Newborn Photography is an investment, both for me and for you! But it is an investment with such great rewards!

Lovingly capturing beautiful photos of your precious baby for you,


Raleigh Newborn Photographer
Clayton Newborn Photographer