This timeframe is so brief, but it is absolutely life changing. You have been anticipating this little person's arrival for so long and now that they are here they are everything that you have imagined and more. You will try to memorize every detail of them to never forget how their small little body fit so perfectly in your arms.

The arrival of a newborn into a family is a momentous occasion, marked by overwhelming love. It's a time when everything seems surreal, and your heart is filled with emotions that words can hardly describe. These initial moments with your precious little one are fleeting, and as time passes, memories tend to fade. That's where I come in, providing an opportunity to freeze these precious moments in time and create lasting memories that will be cherished by your family for a lifetime.


Pre-Session Consultation

The journey begins with a pre-session questionnaire. This allows me to understand your vision, preferences, and any specific ideas you have for the session. Once baby has arrived earthside, we will schedule you in within the first two weeks of the baby's life when they are most likely to be peacefully asleep.

Setting the Scene

On the day of the session, my studio transforms into a haven of tranquility and creativity. Controlled lighting, comfortable temperatures, and soft, soothing music set the perfect ambiance for capturing stunning newborn photographs. Every detail is meticulously arranged to ensure the baby's comfort and safety.

Baby's Comfort and Safety

Safety is paramount in newborn photography. Handling a fragile newborn requires special care and expertise. I take great care to ensure the baby is secure, comfortable, and calm throughout the session. The posing techniques I use are safe and tested to create beautiful images without compromising the baby's well-being. I am extensively trained in newborn safety and posing.

Patience and Timing

Newborns have their own schedules, and patience is key. During the session, I allow ample time for feeding, diaper changes, and soothing to maintain a relaxed atmosphere. It's essential to work at the baby's pace, understanding that their comfort always comes first.

Posing and Creativity

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my work is unleashing creativity to capture artistic and timeless images. I have an array of props, wraps, and backdrops to create visually captivating compositions that showcase the baby's unique features and personality. Exploring different poses, from classic to creative, results in a diverse gallery of images that parents treasure.

Family and Sibling Shots

Including parents and siblings in the session is a special part of the process. Your family can be included in our Heirloom and Legacy collection. It captures the love and bond within the family during this significant moment. I guide parents on posing and interactions to create heartwarming family portraits that encapsulate the warmth and connection.

Post-Processing and Editing

Once the session concludes, the next step involves an online proofing gallery to allow you to select your favorite images from your gallery. Once your selections have been made, I will use professional editing software to hand edit every chosen photo to ensure the final images are edited to perfection, showcasing baby's natural beauty.

Gallery Complete

I will send your completed gallery around 2 weeks after your selections have been made. You will be able to download and share your beautiful images with family and friends. I also have various options for preserving these cherished memories, such as prints, albums, or canvases, tailored to your preferences and needs.

Lauren C

“We could not recommend Kay Olive Photography more! Not only is her photography work amazing and beautiful, but she was so wonderful with our son during the shoot. She was so patient and kind with him even when he got a bit fussy. I also truly appreciated her care and concern for the safety of his positioning and his comfort.”

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